Our approach to outcomes combines the hopes and dreams of the individuals we support with our obligation to the family and community. Typically we set up a matrix to allow clear descriptions of individual outcomes that are blended with our own organisational expectations of service.

CRSS utilizes Person Directed Planning as a planning process for our individuals and develops a CAP – Collaboration Action Plan to determine supports and responsibilities to ensure goals are met and measured, for Transitional aged individuals – CRSS uses our blended reporting mechanism – Person Directed Planning/Plan of Care report.

Individual Outcomes

Develop Person Directed Plan

Develop Collaborative Action Plan

Family and Care Team

Collaborative Action Planning Process

Responsibilities and Outcomes developed

Organisational Outcomes

Meeting Quality Assurance Measures

Report on Individual outcomes

Report on Family/Funder satisfaction

Each individual supported by CRSS will have a bi-annual outcome review. This document and meeting is intended to review established goals and to utilize accrued data to qualitatively and quantitatively measure outcomes to date. This meeting will allow the care team to evaluate success and to address and support areas still to be achieved.