Transitional Home

This is a 5 bed transitional aged individual, support home, which supports individuals transitioning from the children’s residential system into the adult service system. This home is designed to support individuals with a variety of complex needs in a manner that adheres to the Quality Assurance Measures and provincial standards for residential care. Like all of our homes we achieve a balance of supportive care while maintaining a sense of home and family involvement.

High Support Home 1

This is a higher support home for 3 individuals who require more intensive service based on their complex needs. The home relies on a clinical support team and a higher staff ratio to support individuals in a person directed manner maintaining the highest regard for well-being in and integration with the local community. This home provides unique programming that focuses on skill acquisition and achieving person direct goals while ensuring that a strong connection to family and socialisation are maintained.

High Support Home 2

Also a higher support home for 3 individuals who require more intensive service. In addition this home provides respite opportunities for the community or for emergency placement requirements. This is also the location of the CRSS day program. This home is fortunate to have the interior and exterior space to allow for ample opportunity to support individuals in a meaningful and safe manner. The home is over 4000 sq. feet with 2 acres of fully fenced exterior space that can provide for a multitude of activities and personal space.